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Kemer to Kekova

استئجار كبينة - يخت كلاسيكي مع مكيف الهواء

  • 7 ليالي
  • إقامة كاملة
  • يتكون طاقمها
  • مكيف الهواء
  • المشتركة
1 اليوم


Boarding will start at 15:30 from Kemer. Service starts with dinner and an overnight stay will be in Kemer or in a bay. The name Kemer means ‘’belt’’ and was given to the settlement because the river running through it, out to sea, looks like a belt. You will have time for visiting find bars, cafes and restaurants in this increasingly busy town and a pleasant marina with good berthing capacity.

2 اليوم


After breakfast, you will be informed about the cruise itinerary and the boat. We will then sail to the ancient city of Olympos. 

Olympos is an important historical site as well as having something that appeals to every tourist; a 3 km long sandy beach. It is a conservation area because of its endemic plants and traditional wooden houses. Development is strictly prohibited here. The ancient city is just a short walk from the beach so it is easy to combine both while in the area. The beach is also a nesting site for the endangered loggerhead turtle, caretta caretta so access is not available at night when there is the most activity.

خليج أدراسان

After lunch and a swimming break, we will be heading to Adrasan Cavus Bay for dinner and an overnight stay.

Adrasan is a beautiful part of the Lycian Way which is a popular walk for enthusiasts, broadly between Fethiye and Antalya across the Taurus Mountains. Adrasan itself is a relaxing place with a lovely beach, a mile of sand next to the warm blue waters. It is in a national park which embraces both nature and history. You will certainly find a few crowds and a tranquil environment.

3 اليوم


Early in the morning, we will set sail to Demre. After a nice breakfast in Cayagzi , you can join the optional tour to the ruins of Myra.

The most important landmark in Demre on the southern Turkish Coast is the Church of St. Nicholas. It is a compelling reason for thousands to visit annually. There is plenty to see in the church from lovely mosaics to the halls and chambers. The acoustics remain impressive even today. Demre is a beautiful natural district as well as having many things that appeal to those interested in history, archaeology and religion. The smell of the spring flowers and the citrus fruits are especially appealing. It was important during the Lycian times and was occupied by many others in the following centuries. Many yachts pass through these waters heading in either direction and many of them stop to visit Demre and see what it has to offer. 


Following this optional land tour, our yacht sails to Gokkaya Bay where we will anchor for dinner and an overnight stay.

Gokkaya is beautiful with its indented coast and many offshore islands. Asirli island, Kiseli island and Kasirli island are located in front of Gokkaya and in the inlet itself smaller islands are dotted all around. Part of an old church can be seen behind the inlet of Gokkaya while close by there is the ancient city of Istlada to the east of the hill. This place is called Hoyran or Hayitli and sits within the Village of Kapakli. There is a small city wall with an entrance gate. To the east and north of the Acropolis, you will see ancient rock tombs, sarcophaguses and steel shaped tombs. They belong to the Roman period and ancient ruins are even older, the 4th Century BC. The Lycian rock tombs are between Hayitli and the site of ruins. The tomb in Kapakli is known as the Monumental Tomb of Hoyran.

4 اليوم


After breakfast, we will cruise over Batik Sehir (Sunken City). We will be docking at Tersane Bay for lunch and a swimming break. For dinner and an overnight stay we will anchor at Ucagiz Bay. If you wish, you can join the optional Kas - Saklikent excursion which includes lunch in the program.

5 اليوم

سيمانا (كاليكوي)

After having breakfast in Ucagiz, we will cruise to Simena.  

Simena is a popular Lycian site, located on one of the most attractive stretches of the Turkish Coast east of Fethiye en route to Antalya. There is a large necropolis but there is also charm and beauty to experience.  It is a peaceful place that combines history with lovely turquoise water, unspoiled nature, blue skies and wonderful swimming opportunities.You can take the chance to visit Genoese Castle and the ruins of a theatre with 300 people capacity in Simena.


Kekova, east of Kas, is a stunning region both because of its natural beauty but its rich history. The ancient city of Aperiai on the Peninsula is en route as are the islets of Kara and Toprak Ara. Yachts regularly visit the Bay at Kekova close to the city of Apollonia which dates back to ancient times. The sunken city which slipped into the sea after an earthquake can be seen through the clear waters. Dinner and an overnight stay will be in Kekova.

6 اليوم

بورتو سينيفيز

We will start our cruise early in the morning and arrive at Ceneviz (Genoese) Harbour or Sazak Bay.

Because Porto Ceneviz is not accessible from the land, it is a very quiet natural place. The exclusive domain of yachtsmen and blue cruises, it is extremely clean with wonderful clear waters. 


After lunch, we will anchor at Phaselis Bay. Phaselis was founded as a colony of the Rhodesians in 7th century B.C. Phaselis has three different bays and its people used to earn their living from the sea. The city was also famous for perfume trade in ancient times. If you wish, you can walk around the antique town full of antique ruins which are located on the seashore.

Dinner and an overnight stay will be in this beautiful bay.

7 اليوم

كمر أيسيجي مارينا)

After breakfast, we will cruise to Kemer. Dinner and an overnight stay will be in Kemer or in a bay. 

8 اليوم

Disembarkation by 10:30 after breakfast.

At the end of a blue cruise, you will be back on dry land after breakfast to continue your holiday or return home. As you pass through Kemer, it is worth stopping for a while unless you explored it before your cruise. Kemer has grown enormously from the days when it was really just a small fishing village. As it grew, so did the number of hotels, bars, restaurants and shops. If you have some shopping for presents and souvenirs to do, Kemer should offer you all you might need before you head to the Airport or your next destination.

* يرجى ملاحظة مايلي ؛ اعتمادًا على الطقس والظروف ، يحتفظ القبطان بالحق في إجراء التغييرات اللازمة على الجولة لضمان سلامة وراحة ضيوفنا.

عينة قائمة الطعام للكبينة المستأجرة

يرجى تحديد تاريخ المغادرة وعدد الكبائن في وحدة الحجز لمعرفة السعر.

  • يخت كلاسيكي مع مكيف الهواء
  • 7 ليلة - 8 أيام
  • السبت, الأحد
  • Kemer مرسى
  • 15:30
  • Antalya مرسى
  • 10:30 بعد الإفطار

يخت عينة

تعمل برامج استئجار المقصورة مع اليخوت الكلاسيكية لليخوت مع مكيف الهواء. جميع اليخوت الكلاسيكية تقريبا على نفس الظروف حتى اليخت هو يخت جيد

يتراوح طول اليخوت بين ١٨- ٣٥ متر، ويعتمد عدد من الحجرات على طول اليخت (بين ٣-٩ كابينة). تحتوي معظم الكبائن على سرير مزدوج. وهناك أيضا كبينة التوأم على اليخوت لدينا ولكن لا يمكننا إعطاء ضمان حجز الكبينة التوأم. تحتوي جميع الكبائن على حمامات خاصة. تحتوي كبائن اليخوت الكلاسيكية على مرافق تكييف الهواء ، و يشمل سعر استئجار الكبينة ما يصل إلى ٦ ساعات من الاستخدام.

لا يمكننا تحديد اسم اليخت المستأجرإلا أيام قليلة قبل تاريخ المغادرة لليخت لأن الأمر متعلق بعدد الكبائن التي تم حجزها. نختار اليخت الأفضل مطابقة لعدد الكبائن المحجوزة.

من 313 € إقامة كاملة
Kemer to Kekova يخت كلاسيكي مع مكيف الهواء
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Kemer to Kekova يخت كلاسيكي مع مكيف الهواء

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